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Fire Fighting HOSE Kit

Fire Fighting HOSE Kit

100Ft. High Volume Watering Hose Kit


  The 100 ft. High Volume Watering Kit

  is perfect for wetting down dirt on job

  sites and other situations where large

  amounts of water need to be quickly

  delivered over a large area. The included

  100 ft. hose with adjustable spray nozzle

  disperses water up to 25 ft. high and as

  far as 50 ft. With a flow rate of 93 GPM

  and up to 100 PSI there's more than

  enough pressure to get the job done.

  • Kit includes 100 ft. hose and adjustable spray nozzle.

  • 1-1/2 in. high quality double-sided PVC hose with fiber reinforcement.

  • Extra strength rust-proof couplings.

  • High flow rate of 93 GPM (gallons per minute).

  • Durable metal couplings.

  • Adjustable spray pattern nozzle.

  • For use with the  2 in. Gas Engine Semi-Trash Pump.


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