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PE Micro Spray Tube

PE Micro Spray Tube

  • PE micro spray tube is a tape like flat garden hose.

  • This flat garden hose have many tiny holes on the flat hose wall.

  • It is a micro irrigation system, mistier than any irrigation sprinklers.

  • We can easily install several sprinkler hoses with T fittings, rigid pipes

    or flexible pipes and control valve as a farm irrigation system which easy

    to be maintained, cost-efficient, easy block elimination, short irrigation time,

    low irrigation pressure & energy. It is useful for field irrigation of crops in dry farmland.


  • Misty particle, no stress on crops

  • Only one ground sprinkler covers a large area

  • Black colored coating protects adiabatic changes and moss

  • UV-Resistant material,Longer use life under sunshine

  • Laser holes, anti-block

  • Wings designed to stablize the route of spray



  •  Fruit Farm (Orchard)

  • Lawn & Gardening

  • Golf Course

  • Vegetable Farm

  • Outdoor Farming





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