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To make a PVC hose prepare all the materials

2022-05-17 管理员 Read 2374

To make a PVC hose, prepare all the materials, and determine the corresponding components according to the formula. Pour the prepared materials into the kneading machine at a time in a certain order. The correct order is: PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, decolorizer. Under normal circumstances, only need to knead the material for 45~50 minutes, and the temperature can be taken out at 100~110 degrees Celsius.

The granulation can then be carried out. During the granulation of the pvc hose, the temperature must be controlled. The highest temperature of the material should not be lower than the melting degree of the material, and at the same time keep the temperature below the extrusion tube.

The next step is molding. The transparency of the hose is closely related to the molding temperature. Therefore, it is the key to grasp the molding temperature. The temperature is slightly higher, and the transparency of the molded PVC hose will be higher.

The next step is traction. The speed of the traction and the speed of the cooling will affect the transparency of the hose. The speed of the traction is slightly higher, the cooling speed is faster, and the transparency of the hose is higher.

After the completion of the traction, it is curled and packaged. After the quality inspection is passed, the finished PVC hose is completed and can be put on the market.

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