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Garden Hose
Product explain
    · Food grade PVC synthetic material with high-strength grid-shaped polyester fiber of inside lining.
    · Superior craft, the layer insider and outside glued very much firm, will not be out of shape
              to receive the pressure.
 · Able to bear pressure high and chemicals eroded condition resistance, good quality and long
              service life.
    · Bright color and many kinds of color are available.
    · Applicable to water and spray and fertilize plants in garden and lawn etc. and daily washing etc.
    · Available working temperature range:-10℃-+40

Standard & Technique parameter
Inch I.D.×O.D.
(High×Dia.MM) Length
1/2 13×17 180×460 100 13.5
1/2 13×18 180×460 100 17
5/8 16×20 160×480 50 8
5/8 16×21 160×500 50 10
3/4 19×24 160×580 50 10.5
3/4 19×25 160×600 50 13

Garden Fittings

  ·Superior craft, made of pure copper, high precision and high intensity.
  ·The high-quality sealed cushion of inside lining, good performance to seal.
  ·Can assemble both ends of the garden hose and various kinds of small diameter’s hose
         which conveyance gas and fluid